Many thanks to all the people who have written to Neil with their thanks for his work. Here are a few examples.

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From Claire Martin, Bedfordshire

I wanted to drop you an e-mail to thank you so much for your inspirational words yesterday at Woodland School. Your thoughts and suggestions have been at the forefront of my mind since. I came to the meeting in my capacity as a Parent Governor at Roecroft Lower School , but sincerely believe that everyone from any walk of life should receive value based sessions...and that is something I would love to be a part of!
I also look after Year 3 each lunchtime. I use this time to become their friend, we have a great relationship and have a lot of fun. Today I decided to try out your 'Take a minute' after coming in from playtime. The whole process was fab. In fact a couple of boys came up to me as I was leaving and said " Do you know, Mrs Martin, that really made me feel good, can we do it again tomorrow?

Thank you again!

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From Simon Cowley, Haydon Wick School

Dear Neil, Thank you very much for yesterday's inset day on Values Education. I must say how delighted I was in seeing all the staff enthused and eager to make Haydon Wick a values based school. It has probably been the most positive start to a new school year I have had. The teaching staff today in school were very complimentary of your presentation and passion for values education.

We all took a minute at the beginning of the staff meeting and with my SLT I have already drawn up an action plan to implement Values Ed'


From Pam Matty, Grove School

Dear Neil, Thank you so much for your work with us on Monday. My goodness me, the staff were buzzing in school yesterday. Staff voiced their enjoyment of the day with 'it was fabulous', ' wonderful', ' inspiring', ' made me really think'..... so, your impact has been great.

It was good to work with you and I hope that we will be able to get you moreinvolved in some Birmingham work. Many thanks again for being so inspirational.


From Professor Ron Toomey, Australia

Thanks Neil, I've since had time to read (twice) your chapter on Values Education. I'm not yet going to say it's inspirational, as I've learned from getting to know you better, that that's not how you want to be characterised. Neil.... the chapter is inspirational ....... as we say down here you are a legend!


From Tracy Phillips

Dear Dr Hawkes, I have spent today (5th January 2009) listening to you speak at Heckington School, Lincolnshire (second row, terrible body language - crossed legs, folded arms!!!!!!). I may have appeared to have been paying little attention, but please believe me when I say how inspired I was by your words. I am going into work tomorrow and starting the new term in the most positive frame of mind I have been in for a long time. Recently I have doubted my commitment to education and have been asking myself 'why.........?' but after hearing you speak I feel inspired to change my way of working and regain the enthusiasm I have lost.

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From David Ross, Head of School Support

Dear Neil, Thank you so much for your presentation at the Wiltshire Heads conference this week. Your contribution was very well received and I have had nothing but very positive feedback from all the Heads I have spoken to and they are very good at letting me know when they are not happy.

You were able to allow the audience to re-connect with the reasons that they became head-teachers in ways that enabled them to make a difference. The fact that you have been in the most challenging circumstances and achieved success gave credibility so that everyone was able to give credence and value to what you were saying. This is exactly what was needed and I am very grateful to you for your encouragement, support and professionalism.

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Raymond Barker, Herefordshire

The visit by Neil Hawkes was both a confirmation and a revelation.

He confirmed that our adoption of Values Education, now deeply embedded in our curriculum and school ethos, was the enhancement of the prevailing environment within school, in which both academic and social skills would continue to flourish.

The revelation was the extent to which Values Education could be introduced, almost imperceptivity, into the daily activities of the school from Assembly to Staff Meetings, Music to Physical Education.

Neil Hawkes, in a modest, almost self-effacing way, imposed upon his audience - single or group - a desire to embrace the philosophy and values he was expounding. Each child returned from conversing with him filled with the pleasure of having found a new friend. Each group recognised the vital importance of his views on all the inter-locking activities that comprise school life

All his listeners from the Headteacher to the Cleaner, Pupil to Governor, derived great benefit from his visit.

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From Dr.Debs, Ledbury Primary School

I find that chap Neil Hawkes quite inspiring.....I need a dvd of him to watch every 6 months or so........and share with some very needy patients.....or maybe just time to reflect!!!! Iam thrilled for you and all the staff that he thought so highly about what was happening at LPS.....although actually I already knew what is happening there is very special...it was though such a positive appraisal about all the staff...which is lovely.

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From Duan Evans, Ymgynghorydd Cynradd

Hi Neil, The evaluation forms were a delight to read and without exception praised your inspirational address and method of delivery. Many of the headteachers have contacted me personally to express their delight and asked me to pass on their gratitude. I'm certain many will contact you in the near future to arrange further Cluster based training.

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From Paul Daley, Santa Maria College

Neil Hawkes presented at the Secondary Principals’ Association of New Zealand Annual Conference in2011. This was the second time that we had the privilege of Neil addressing us. He also delivered an address to the staff of Sancta Maria College and Sancta Maria Catholic Primary School in Auckland. Neil is an inspirational presenter with a clear passion and understanding of the significance of Values Education and how it relates to Quality Teaching and therefore positive outcomes for teaching staff and young people. He is able to link Values to Key Competencies and enables listeners to reflect on how Values can be incorporated naturally into the school curriculum. It is about the quality of the people in the institution. In today’s world where too often we witness examples where Values appear to be irrelevant it is vital that we model appropriate values in our schools. Neil Hawkes will inspire you and your staff to do this and to suggest some tools for you to reflect on. I recommend him to you all


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