Values Education Newsletter - September 2009

Welcome to the latest Values Education newsletter, which is a real celebration of what Primary and Secondary Schools can achieve when the philosophy of valuing is at the core of a school's work. I recently had the great privilege of showing just some of the very fine examples of Herefordshire's values- based schools - one Pupil Referral Unit, one High School and one Primary - to a group of colleagues from Children and Young People's Services in Local Authorities across the West Midlands.

My colleagues were struck by the 'new possibilities for learning' that they experienced. One colleague wrote: 'I found the visits genuinely inspiring, not just because they revealed another way of teaching and working with young people but because the schools also offered another model for social relationships and engagement - embedding integrity and trust at the heart of our interactions. Amidst all the gloom, dishonesty and posturing that inundate our lives; the schools glowed as beacons of hope! Thanksfor opening the door and letting me look in!'

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