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The riots in London and in other cities around the world have made the development of good character a priority. Research indicates that Values-based Education is the way to nurture the development of active, peaceful and caring citizens. This popular web-site will help you to understand and use the philosophy and practice developed by Dr Neil Hawkes and colleagues.

Increasingly educators, politicians, parents and community leaders are recognising that Values-based Education creates the positive culture for teaching and learning that is so vital for successful Education in the 21st Century.

You are invited to join the ‘Quiet Revolution’ of parents and community leaders who wholeheartedly endorse the methods that nurture universal positive values, such as respect, honesty, compassion, trust and integrity. Research evidence, from Australia, clearly shows that Values-based Education promotes high academic standards, whilst nurturing the individual qualities of both adults and students. Increasingly, the work is being adopted by commercial organisations such as Chrysalis Worldwide too.

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Dr Neil Hawkes awarding the Values Quality Mark at Tower Hill School in Witney, UK. British Prime Minister, David Cameron, is featured endorsing Values -based Education at the school.

What is Values-based Education?

A values-based school seeks to promote an educational philosophy based on valuing self, others and the environment through, the consideration of an ethical values vocabulary (principles that guide behaviour), as the basis of good educational practice. It encourages adults to model values and to give time for reflective practices that empowers individuals to be effective learners and good citizens. We have a growing number of schools that have been awarded the Quality Mark as Values-based Schools.

Values-based Education is a great success and is one of the fastest growing approaches in the world, endorsed by teachers, school leaders and governments. This is because it is based on the soundest principles of pedagogy, educational philosophy, brain research and common sense. It helps pupils to develop holistically, nurturing a secure sense of self, respect for self and others and supports the raising of academic standards. Neil and his colleagues are in great demand as inspiring speakers at conferences and workshops. Please contact Neil here if you would like support in introducing Values-based Education.

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West Kidlington School, UK Values Sculpture "Our children's Values will hold up the world."

as I've learned from getting to know you better, that that's not how you want to be characterised. Neil.... the chapter is
                    inspirational ....... as we say down here you are a legend!

Professor Ron Toomey

Little book of values

Honesty. Respect. Happiness. Peace. Responsibility. Love. These key concepts form part of a remarkable initiative at a British primary school. This thought-provoking and inspiring book explains how a new framework for living has been woven into the entire ethos of the school and its pupils.

It also shows how parents, teachers, or anyone interested in supporting future generations can learn from this school's blueprint for nurturing children to become calm, happy, focused adults.

By Julie Duckworth

Together we can make a difference

Values Education is a way of conceptualising education that places the search for meaning and purpose at the heart of the educational process. It recognises that the recognition, worth and integrity of all involved in the life and work of the school, are central to the creation of a values-based learning community that fosters positive relationships and quality in education.

Dr. Neil Hawkes, Founder
of the International
Values Education Trust (IVET)

How to Inspire

Perfect for teachers and head teachers alike, this book will show you how to introduce positive values into your classroom and how to maintain a positive outlook on your role

It also covers how to be a positive role model to all members of the school community and how to explain this approach to others that you have contact with. During recent years, a great deal of national and local effort has been directed at school improvement and curriculum development.

By Dr. Neil Hawkes

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Speaking events

Ratton Performing Arts School, Eastbourne, UK April 2012

This high performing Secondary School in the UK has embraced Values-based Education. In October 2011 Neil gave an interactive presentation to the whole staff and in April 2012, he awarded the school the Quality Mark for its outstanding work to embed values in its curriculum. David Linsell, the Headteacher expects all adults and students to be on the Ratton Values bus!

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Speaking events

Visit to Hornbill School, Brunei, January 2011

Headteacher, Kathy Wood, featured in this photo invited Neil for a return visit to Hornbill School in Brunei. Neil, supported by his partner Jane, conducted a day's training on deepening values education in the school. The following day Neil conducted an audit of the school at the end of which he awarded the school the Quality Mark in Values-based Education. Neil said, "Hornbill is an outstanding school"

speaking event title

Speaking events

Dr Hawkes is welcomed at Santa Maria College, Auckland, New Zealand, April 2011

Principal, Paul Daley, welcomed Neil to Sancta Maria College to conduct an values audit. Following his time in the school Neil gave a presentation to the staff at which he announced he was awarding the College the Values Quality Mark. As you see in the photo, values are given a high profile in the College and students and staff live them.


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July 4th 2012

Values Audit at Tower Hill School, Witney, Oxfordshire

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