Up and coming events

NASIC Accredited

Nov 5 2012

Values Training Day Springfield School West berkshire

NASIC Accredited

Nov 13 2012

Values Audit Lethbridge Primary School Swindon

NASIC Accredited

Nov 18-23 2012

Values support to Skovde Sweden

NASIC Accredited

Nov 30 2012

Holywell School and Feeeder Schools Values Conference

NASIC Accredited

January 7 2013

Values Training Day Goldington School Bedfordshire

NASIC Accredited

Nov 6 2012

Values Audit and Training Brimstone School London

NASIC Accredited

Nov14 2012/h1>

Values Leadership Group meeting with Neil

NASIC Accredited

Nov 26 2012

Lincolnshire Heads Values Presentation

NASIC Accredited

December 6 2012

Values presentation Hope University Liverpool


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