Dynamic Values

Dynamic Values Philosophy

Neil Hawkes, Bridget Knight and Jane Cross work together, inspiring schools and other settings to embrace the Dynamic Values philosophy and practice.

They are the Dynamic Values core team and are actively supported by headteachers and teachers from Values-based schools. Dynamic Values are active universal positive human values that act as the driving force for a meaningful and happy life. Dynamic Values include respect, perseverance, cooperation, trust, love and quality.

About the team

Neil Hawkes

Neil Hawkes

Neil Hawkes's role in the Dynamic Values team is to inspire schools and other settings to be values-based. Neil is in huge demand at conferences and workshops and recommends that Bridget and Jane are invited by schools to support the implementation stages of Values-based Education. We believe that together we can work with you on all aspects of values curriculum, including personal and leadership development.

Jane Cross

Jane Cross

Jane Cross is a highly experienced and respected psychotherapist. For many years, she worked as an innovative trainer and guidance counsellor for disaffected young people. Jane actively supports the development of Values-based Education worldwide, addressing conferences in Australia, Brunei, The Seychelles, Belgium, and throughout the United Kingdom. Her particular professional interests are currently focussed on supporting both adults and children to understand, what we have termed, the Inner Curriculum, which is essential when establishing a Values-based school.

Bridget Knight

Bridget Knight

Bridget Knight brings a wealth of experience to the Dynamic Values Team. As a Headteacher in Oxfordshire she successfully introduced and developed Values-based Education in her school. As the Senior Primary Adviser for Herefordshire LA, she has worked with Headteachers of all phases to develop Values-based schools.

As a result of this inspiring work, the LA was awarded the Leading Aspect Award for Values Education. Bridget has recently had a period of secondment to the national Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency (QCDA), where she has worked on one of her passions, curriculum development. Bridget also brings to the team her experience as an Ofsted Inspector. She has recently returned to headship.

Bridget has a deep understanding of the school curriculum and leadership. Her brilliant talks, workshops and resources enable schools to develop Dynamic Values in the context of excellent school practices.

Dynamic Values

The Dynamic Values Philosophy has three distinct but inter-related elements: The Inner Curriculum, Leadership and Curriculum. We believe it is necessary to focus on all three core elements when building a Values-based school or setting. The three elements are:

The Inner Curriculum

The concept of The Inner Curriculum evolved from Neil’s philosophy of Valuing and Values-based Education, now established world-wide. It embraces ideas from philosophy, brain research, Transactional Analysis, contemporary literature, and our life experiences.

Jane leads this aspect of our work. By understanding ourselves and others through the 7 Aspects of the Inner Curriculum, Jane offers insights and awareness to many aspects of challenging relationships, and an opportunity to release our full potential. Jane shows how, through greater self and other awareness, we can enhance our lives, create relational trust, and recognise the choices we have each day and moment to moment. Jane offers Dynamic Values workshops on The Inner Curriculum to staff in schools and other settings. Jane’s empowering sessions enable us to be more able to model positive human values.


The development of Dynamic Values is dependent on the quality, commitment and vitality of the leadership of a school. Neil’s work demonstrates that it is the qualities of the leader that lead to success of schools in the 21st century. Neil’s insightful and uplifting talks inspire leaders across the world to embrace this approach with confidence and success.


The enactment of the Values-based approach takes place through the quality choices that are made about the curriculum offer, teaching and learning approaches and the development of a vibrant and enabling school climate. Bridget has a deep understanding of the practical implementation of Values through the school curriculum and leadership. Her brilliant talks, workshops and resources enable schools to develop Dynamic Values in the context of holistic education and school improvement practices.

To ask for their support, please contact Bridget, Jane and Neil through this website.


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