Contact Jane Cross, for her insights into the Inner Curriculum of Values Education.. Paget Primary and Wilds Lodge Schools endorse Values Education
May 30

Neil was moved by Elaine’s thoughts and concerns. What do you think?

Dear Dr. Hawkes

Thank you so much for replying me! It was very encouraging. I am now a six form student in the UK. Values-based education has always been an area that I am really interested in, partly because I found that many teenagers of my generation tend to pay much more attention on ‘trendy’ things, namely online social networks, digital products, alcohol and so on; and don’t care about their health and development (particularly the value-based aspects) that much at all. That’s what made me start to wonder what has been the major aim of education and what have students actually got the most from the current education system. For these reasons I chose this as the topic of my Extended Project. Since the sources I can get is relatively limited, I will collect information mainly through interviews and the research I’m doing now might not be very comprehensive, but I am very willing to take it further after getting into university. Would you mind if I contact you when I have some enquiries about the detail of value-based education? Please excuse the poor writing, and I’m looking forward to hear from you soon.

Yours sincerely

Elaine Chen

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