Brilliant two days looking at Transactional Analysis (TA)… Contact Jane Cross, for her insights into the Inner Curriculum of Values Education..
May 24

It is with great pleasure that I e mail you to update you on the amazing progress we have made in embracing and embedding Values education in our whole school environment at Lethbridge School. The impact and the positive response, since your INSET training day at the start of the acedemic year, has been FANTASTIC.
We would very much like to invite you back ( a year on) sometime in September to see all we have done and also to talk with the pupils and staff about Values Education at Lethbridge, in the hope of achieving the Values Award Quality Mark.

It has been an exciting year for us.
We have built on your training day in the following ways:-
* We have introduced Values on a monthly basis through assesmblies, class reflection time and whole school training
*We have built in Nurture opportunities, not just for small groups but as a part of the class environament.
* Our Values are displayed and referred to as a fabric of the school.
* Pupils will be working on Values mosaics at the end of the academic year as a celebration of our achievements as a whole school into building this into a living part of the school and NOT just a ‘lip service or paper document’
* Our link governor reports support and recognises the progress across the school.
* Newsletter inform and engage parents in relation to the current value and the ‘definition’ expectations / hopes around the value.
These are just some of the things . The most important thing is the realigning of all our minds to the very purpose we went into teaching, TA roles, and environment of learning.
I do hope that you will be able to make a return visits as soon as possible into the new year.
Excuse my enthusiasm but it has been a terrific year .
I look forward to hearing from you.
Many thanks
Helen Sowden
Acting Head

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