Redbridge Headteachers work with Dr Neil Hawkes on Values-based Leadership… Dashwood School, Banbury gains the Quality Mark in Values-based Education
Feb 04

Dr. Neil Hawkes spent the last two days working with the headteachers of 52 schools in the Vale of Glamorgan, Wales. The headteachers wish to embrace the philosophy of valuing in their schools as a means of furthering the cureent excellent development of their schools . Senior Officers in the Authority understand that Values-based education has the potential to raise academic standards, by empowering pupils to take responsibility for their own behaviour, by understanding the ethical vocabulary that Dr. Hawkes promotes. The evidence from research and the experience of schools demonstrates the power of learning about, and living, positive human values, which create a school culture that promotes equality and personal excellence. Dr. Hawkes is hoping to be called to a meeting with the UK’s Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove, to explain why the UK Government should embrace Values-based Education. What do you think?

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