Jun 29

Morecombe Headteachers listened to Neil and afterwards resolved to work together so that all local school embrace values-based Education. Allison Hickman, Headteacher of Sandylands primary School said that this was a fantastic step for local Heads to take. Neil has addressed several groups of Lancashire Headteachers. He said, Lancashire Heads are independently minded and remember what Education is for at the deeper levels. A great County!

Jun 27

Neil and Jane Cross gave a presentation to Bedfordshire Headteachers about Values-based Education. Values Education in Bedfordshire has really taken off with many schools now following the philosophy and practice. A number of Middle Schools have already embedded Values Education in their schools and speak of it as developing quality education.

Jun 19

Congratulations to Barnsbury School, Woking for gaining the Quality Mark as a Values-based School. Three years ago the school gained the award and Neil audited the school again today. The school is now an outstanding Values School. The consistency of expectations by the staff, coupled with excellent leadership has brought about this result.

Jun 18

Congratulations to Thames Ditton Infant School on being awarded the Quality Mark for being an outstanding Values-based School. Neil audited the school today and found that the school had successfully embedded Values Education across the curriculum. Pupils were very articulate about the positive effects of their values work and the parents have asked that values be extended into the local Junior School. Thames Ditton joins a growing number of Surrey schools that have gained the award.

Jun 17

RT @KarenMiddle: @NeilHawkes You changed my whole idea of teaching Neil when I came to hear you at Coed Eva Primary school last year.

This is a very humbling tweet. I actually think the power is not in me but in the message. Values-based Education changes lives. (Neil)

Jun 16

Neil spent last Wednesday conducting an audit of Istead Rise School in Gravesend. he was delighted to see the determination of the staff to think clearly and positively about how to become a Values-based School. Great work by Gaby who is leading the initiative.

Jun 11

On the 1st of June Neil worked with the staff of Paget Primary School in Birmingham and today worked with Wilds Lodge Special School in Rutland. He was so impressed with the dedication of staff in the two schools. A real inspiration!

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