Mar 26

Neil awarded two schools in Singapore the Quality Mark as Values-based Schools. Ascension Kindergarten and St.Andrew’s Junior School demonstrated what the Singapore Government is now requiring that schools place emphasis on the development of character in their students. Singapore achieves well in basic subjects but realises that the Country’s future success is about the character of its people.

Mar 15

Neil and his partner Jane Cross have had both a personally and professionally superb time in Singapore. They would like to thank the organisers of the St Andrew’s Centre for Early ChildhoodDevelopment for the generosity of their care and attention – really values-based. Also, special thanks to the participants who gave up two days of their holidays to take part in the Values Workshop. They hope that this is the first of a series of visits to support the development of values-based schools in Singapore.

Mar 13

Neil received a tremendous reception by the organisers of a two-day workshop on values-based education in Singapore. Neil and his partner Jane Cross are leading an in-depth workshop on the principles and practice of values education.

Mar 08

300 Norwegian Headteachers gave a tremendous reception to the message of Values Education at their annual conference today in Oslo. So many came up to Neil expressing that this is what they think Education should be about. Neil talked about the importance of Values-based leadership and the importance of the 4th R which is reflection. A great group of professionals with their hearts in the right place!

Mar 06

Ramridge School staff in Luton worked with me yesterday for a second time, deepening their understanding of Values Education. They displayed great enthusiasm and a sense of fun, which are fundamental to developing excellent practice. Joan, a leading teacher, wrote to me today, which I think illustrates my point. She wrote:
Your ears must have been burning today! Ramridge is buzzing with ‘Values based Education’!

I was teaching a year 3 class this afternoon- the most challenging at Ramridge. I really am trying hard to love them!
I was wondering if it would be OK to extend the silent time a bit. Maybe to two hours?!

I’m looking forward to reading ‘The little book of Values’.

Many thanks for your ideas, thoughts and inspiration.

Kind regards


Mar 01

Yesterday, Haydon Wick Primary School, Swindon became the latest school to be awarded The Quality Mark as an outstanding Values-based school. Neil spent the day at the school and was thrilled to see such a great example of a school that in two and a half years has embedded Values Education across the curriculum. Brilliantly led by outstanding Headteacher Simon Cowley.

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