Feb 28

Please will everyone note that Carrie’s school (see blog entry below) is in Llansannor in South Wales. Apologies Carrie for the error. I know that Carrie’s school is keen to apply for the Quality Mark as a Values-based School. Great things are happening in Wales :)

Feb 28

Our school in Llantwit Major has changed already since your talk. We no longer line up after play, take a min 3x and before assembly atmo has changed! Thanks. Carrie

Feb 23

This week, Dr Neil Hawkes assessed Aylestone Business and Enterprise College and Clehonger Primary School in Herefordshire, to be outstanding values-based schools. Neil congratulated both Headteachers and staff on their outstanding leadership which have made their schools so successful and great places to be. Aylestone is one of a growing number of secondary schools that see the importance and centrality of values as a way of creating a climate for learning that empowers both staff and students to raise academic standards and develop as great citizen.

Feb 19

On Saturday, The International Values Education Trust (IVET) met at Oxford University. The meeting was delighted that Patrons Mick Waters and Ruth Deakin-Crick were able to attend. Both have incredible reputations in the world of Education for their contributions to the development of good practice in schools. The Trust aims to influence the development of Education worldwide. Please contact Neil Hawkes for more information. Neil.Hawkes@btinternet.com

Feb 04

This week Neil is taking a few days out with Jane to experience the beauty of the Alps in Winter. He writes, “Being surrounded by natural beauty helps me to focus on what is important in my life. The stunning beauty of the Alps reminds me that Values Education begins by the valuing of the self in all its unique wonder including its challenges. Only then, am I enabled to value others and the world’s environment. The key for me is to be connected to my soul, that part of me which contains all the positive values that can help me to live my life in harmony with me, others and the world.” Are you focussing your thoughts on you?

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