Jan 29

A Partnership of Headteachers have decided that they are all going to work to develop Values Education. This was their decision following Neil’s Training Day with them in Cumbria last Friday. Values Education has really taken opff in the North West of England!

Jan 22

The Meads Primary School in Luton was awarded the Quality Mark as an excellent Values-based School by Neil. Staff and pupil relationships are excellent and the curriculum is values focussed.

Jan 17

See http://www.coleby.lincs.sch.uk/Values%2DEducation%2DQuality%2Dmark/
You will see how this Lincolnshire Primary School has gained the Quality Mark for being a Values-based School. It is proud to link its school to this website too.

Jan 12

Wow! About 80 members of the Ramridge School community joined Neil at the school to experience the main principles of becoming a values-based school. Neil said that what he had seen in the school, in terms of relationships and pedagogy, demonstrated that Ramridge has the capacity and dedication to become an outstanding school.

Jan 06

Neil – your minutes silence! When I was teaching physics to 5th years including my twin sons about 12 years ago, for one lesson only I got the whole class to sit up straight, hands on knees, eyes closed and took them through deep breathing and relaxing technique for the lesson. These were highly motivated students but all of them saw the benefit and their studies did not suffer for that one class. So keep up your minutes silence. It has been very beneficial to me in my 4 years as Principal. I’m a lot calmer person than I was 20 years ago and a lot less stressed.
Great to have met you and keep up the positivity and the smiling eyes.
NAPD Conference Ireland

Jan 05

Dear Neil
The staff are buzzing about what they learnt yesterday and are very positive about building values into our everyday work at St Johns, already staff are
taking just a minute for themselves and with their classes.
Our work in spreading values through the school will begin with the
children but I am looking forward to sharing the vision with parents
and other key staff groups. Thank you for your inspirational input
yesterday and the reassurinig offer of support along the way.
Very best wishes

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