Oct 31

Today, Neil was the guest speaker at the conference for schools organised by the Llandaff Church in Wales Diocese. Neil was joined by Jane Cross and Nic Morgan who gave great contributions to the conference. Jane was sharing her thinking on the Inner Curriculum and Nic shared her thinking on her innovative Adult Values Club. This was a very special day which was shared by about 200 colleagues who enthusiastically embraced the principles of Values-based Education. Contact Neil for more information.

Oct 22

The Irish National Association of Principals and Deputies (NAPD) met in Killarney this week for their annual conference. Dr. Neil Hawkes gave a moving keynote presentation on Values-based Education, which was enthusiastically received. Neil received a standing ovation and was told afterwards that Irish Principals totally support the philosophy of Values Education. Many of the Principals have asked him to return to conduct training with their whole staff. Neil said, “The reception that I have received in Ireland is second to none. I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with the Minister of Education, his officials and the leaders of secondary education in Ireland. I look forward to my return visit(s).” Neil would particularly like to thank Clive Byrne, General Secretary of NAPD for all that has done to ensure that Neil’s message was heard in Ireland.

Oct 15

Woodland School, Flitwick, has been awarded the Quality Mark as a Values-based School. An audit of the school took place on Friday. Neil told the staff,” You have achieved so much over the last four years on your journey to be a Values-based School. Woodland School demonstrates the power of values to enhance behaviour and academic achievement and to make the school a great place to be.

Oct 13

Congratulations to Addison School, Shepherds Bush on their very positive Ofsted Inspection. The Inspectors recognised how Values-based Education has transformed learning opportunities for the pupils. Addison has been awarded the Quality Mark as an excellent example of a Values-based School.

Oct 12

Neil: I have to take the opportunity to say how brilliant your session here was on our recent inset day. I wasn’t particularly sceptical about it but, to be honest, wasn’t really looking forward to it either! It was definitely the best inset I’ve ever taken part in, and I’m still remembering to ‘take a minute’ – mostly when things get stressful but I think it’s a step in the right direction.
Really hope to see you again soon…
Lorraine Barrow
Ratton Performing Arts Trust School, Eastbourne

Oct 12

Last evening Neil worked with the school community at Ashford Park School, Surrey to work through the process of selecting the school’s values. The staff have embraced values-based Education and were keen for the school’s community to be invited to hear Neil talk about Values Education. Some pupils fro the school also attended and made a great contribution to the evening.

Oct 07

Thank you for your inspirational talk yesterday evening at St James School in Weybridge. I could have listened to you for hours and hope to put into practice a number of things you mentioned. I do hope that I will get the opportunity to attend another of your presentations again in the future.
For now I look forward to telling others.
Warmest Regards
Jaime Nelson
(Parent of two boys aged 6 and 3)

Oct 07

Yesterday Neil awarded Beavers Community Primary School, the Quality Mark in Values Education. Over the last two years Beavers School has worked hard to embed the philosophy and practice into all aspects of the school. Neil told the staff, “You have achieved consistency in your practice. You model the school’s agreed values which is having a great influence on the children’s behaviour and attitude.” Congratulations to the school’s community.

Oct 05

Yesterday, David Linsell, Headteacher of Ratton School welcomed Neil Hawkes to work with the school’s staff on deepening their understanding of what it means to be a values-based school. Neil said, “This was an outstanding day with a wonderful staff of values-based teachers. The school has core values and the staff are determined to model them.” Ratton demonstrates the power of developing a values-based approach to school life. Have a look at the school’s website.

Oct 03

Dr Neil Hawkes spent last week in Skovda, Sweden. He was working with the community of schools who wish to embrace the philosophy and practice of Valuing. Implicitly Neil found a bedrock of positive human values. Over the next year the schools will make their values more explicit. Neil has been invited to return to Sweden next August to deepen the understanding of Values-based Education.

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