Sep 24

Hi Neil

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your talk when you were at Brimsdown School a few weeks ago. I am a newly qualified teacher, and the day was quite inspirational for me, and I am trying to use lots of what we talked about in my class!

Thank you

Best Wishes

Arti Shah

Sep 23

Dr Neil Hawkes and his partner Jane Cross have spent the week working with some Herefordshire schools who are embedding Values Education. They worked with Ledbury School whose Headteacher, Julie Reese, is well known as a national exponent of Values Education. Neil & Jane were exploring how to deepen values in the school’s community. They went on to work for two days with Madley School, where Headteacher, Lee Batstone is ensuring that the values philosophy touches every aspect of the school’s work. Jane worked with staff on what we call the Inner Curriculum and in the evening Neil worked with children and their parents. Yesterday Neil unveiled the Values Sculpture at Clehonger School. This has to be seen as it is so inspirational as a piece of art and a symbol for Values Education. The week concluded with a visit to Eardisley School where Bridget Knight has taken up the Headship and will be creating an outstanding Values-based School. A fantastic week that has left me with a feeling of tremendous optimism as Values-based Education expands throughout the UK. When will the Government take notice?

Sep 10

Neil was delighted to be a guest of honour at Oxford Brookes University. He watched the graduands from the school of education receive their degrees. Neil is very interested in encouraging initial teacher education to adopt values-based education as its core.

Sep 09

Thank you SO much Neil. I’ve heard nothing but 100% success with our learning with you, which will now be “transfered” to all aspects of life in Ashford Park.
Warm wishes

Sep 08

Dear Neil
Thank you for such an inspiring start to the new year. My staff are quite inspired and we will be spending next week’s staff meeting planning our way forward. There are already ideas of how we might get parents involved in class forums to develop a set of our own values. I know that both Linda and Jenny’s staff are equally enthusiastic – Linda walked into a class taking Just a Minute today!
Many thanks again
Headteacher, Winhills School, St.Neots

Sep 07

Yesterday Neil was working with the staff of two MK schools at Shepherdswell. This was a great experience and today Neil was in Surrey working with the staff of Ashford School. Over the three days this week Neil has been so impressed with the dedication and enthusiasm of teachers, TAs and office staff who have joined him to learn about how to develop a values-based school.

Sep 05

Today, Neil worked with a group of schools in St. Neots, Cambridgeshire. The training took place at Winhills Primary School and was attended by the staff of several schools. The Quiet Revolution is gaining pace across the UK. Recent riots have focused public and school attention on British society and its current needs and challenges.
Tomorrow Neil is working at Shepherswell School, Milton Keynes.

Sep 04

Neil was thrilled to run a training day at the school where he was a pupil – Lethbridge Primary School in Swindon, Wiltshire. It was a great day and the staff fully embraced the philosophy and practice of Values-based Education. Next week Neil works in Cambridgeshire, Milton Keynes and Surrey! He is still waiting to hear from the Prime Minister in response to the International Education Trust’s letter offering help. Watch this space :)

Sep 01

Neil writes, “Thank you to Jez (Headteacher) and your colleagues at Brimstone School, Enfield, London on a fantastic training day”. Over 90 colleagues from the school worked with me today. This is an area of London that featured in the sad events of recent riots. However Brimstone school is an oasis of positivity and good educational practice and has today embraced values education as its main way of supporting its pupils.
“Congratulations to all for you hard work and dedication to the children and families in this part of London.”

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