Jul 16

Congratulations to Coleby Primary School in Lincolnshire for being the second school in the County to be awarded the Values Education Quality Mark. Both Coleby and Washingborough Primary schools are part of the big values initiative to enable all Lincolnshire schools to be values-based. Next week a video will be available to support other schools.

Jul 07

Headteachers from Luton worked with Dr. Neil Hawkes today. They enthusiastically embraced Values-based Education and joined the increasing numbers of schools in the UK who are part of the educational movement, which Neil terms The Quiet Revolution, after the successful book of that name written by Frances Farrer.

Jul 05

Coed Eva School, Wales, was awarded the Quality Mark as an outstanding values-based school. Dr. Neil Hawkes conducted a comprehensive day’s audit of the school and saw excellent practice: the assembly, lessons and staff modelling were all outstanding. The pupils were delightful and highly articulate about the value of values. Congratulations to Headteacher, Gill Ellis, and the school community for demonstrating the impact that values education can have on raising standards.

Jul 04

Headteacher, Mandy Cherry and the school community of Halton Holgate, Lincolnshire, today embraced Values Education as their school’s educational philosophy. Dr Neil Hawkes worked with staff and governors of the school to explore the philosophy and practice of Values Education. Mandy Cherry said, “I see values as so important, not only for our school but the whole community in the area.”

Jul 03

Hi Neil
Just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your talk on Friday as it was inspirational. Your words I believe, will provoke thought and motivate our staff to ensure that they provide the very best for our children. I will do my utmost to ensure that Ivel Valley is a values-based school. The next time you hear from me I hope to be inviting you to visit to see our work.
With many thanks
Audrey Webb

Jul 03

On Friday the whole staff of Ivel Valley Special School in Bedfordshire, worked with Neil to develop a values-based approach to the whole of the school’s work. Ivel Valley has been created by the merger of two schools and the staff realise that the values philosophy will help them to create a school with high standards and a focus on empowering the young people to develop their talents and abilities. Neil was delighted with the enthusiasm of the staff.

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