Jun 30

Pupils and staff from the Sharnbrook Trust of schools in Bedfordshire met today for a values celebration at Sharnbrook Upper School. Dr Neil Hawkes introduced the day by talking about the day’s theme which was unity. Pupils then divided into group to experience the value of unity through drama, dance, art and music. Di Thomas, the values coordiantor for Bedfordshire said, “This was an exceptionally successful day giving the pupils a very rich experience that will live with them for many years to come. Dr Hawkes is keen to promote the idea of pupil festivals and conferences to share the living experience of Values Education.

Jun 24

Dr Neil Hawkes has carried out a comprehensive audit of Fetcham Infants’ School in Surrey, Uk and found it to be an outstanding example of a Values-based School. The interpersonal relationships of all in the school are an inspiration giving pupils excellent role models. The pupils have a thorough understanding of the values vocabulary and demonstrate that they are living the values. This values school is highly regarded by parents and other members of the community. Neil awarded the school the Quality Mark as a Values-based School.

Jun 22

Neil gave a keynote presentation to a fantastic group of Bedfordshire Headteachers who are leading values-based schools. Does the system know about them? Is Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove, aware of the real education taking place in these schools? If you are working in a values-based school let your community and local politicians know what you are achieving. Spread the word about the positive effects of Values-based Education. Contact Neil to let him know about what you are doing.

Jun 09

Yesterday Neil received the following from Jon Reynolds, Diocesan Director of Education, St Albans, UK.
“Thank you very much indeed for coming to speak to us on our Heads’ Day. You were truly inspiring and gave our headteachers much to think about.”
Also, yesterday Neil held a seminar in Rutland for Headteachers to reflect on the deeper aspects of Values-based Education. It was a wonderful day that energized all who attended.

Jun 07

Dr Neil Hawkes worked with the staff and governors of Pyrford School, Surrey. Also staff from three other local schools joined him for a day’s training. The day was great fun and much laughter, alongside serious moments, set the tone for a very successful day. Emma Smart Headteacher of Maybury School met Neil at lunchtime to celebrate the success of Values-based Education at her school with a photograph of Neil presenting the Quality Award, which will be on the school’s website.

Jun 06

Dr Neil Hawkes led a full day of training at Southwick School, Trowbridge, Wiltshire, UK today. The staff have embraced Values Education since the Headteacher heard Neil speak at a Wiltshire Headteachers’ Conference two years ago. Governors joined with the staff on deepening their understanding of the philosophy and practice of Values education.

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