May 24

Dear Neil,
Thank you for a wonderful day. Many said it was the best Head s’ Day they have had because the speakers complemented each other.
Many thanks for a wonderful day.
Jane Chipperton
St Albans Diocesan Adviser

May 21

Congratulations to Headteacher, Richard Dunn, and the school community of Ashley School in Kingston-upon-Thames in Surrey UK, for being awarded the Quality Mark as a Values-based School. Dr Neil Hawkes carried out an audit of the school on Friday and was delighted with the quality of the values work. He was very impressed with how the school is living its values through its sustainability projects. The school is a world leader in this aspect of the curriculum.

May 19

Dr Neil Hawkes has spent the last two days talking to Headteachers and teachers from Leadership Teams.
Yesterday he gave a keynote address to the Headteachers in the UKs Bedfordshire Diocese. He focused on Values-based Leadership.
Today he has worked with Headteachers and teachers at a day’s conference at Alfristan in East Sussex, UK. Both wonderful events with dedicated professionals and wonderful people.

May 04

“Neil Hawkes presented at the Secondary Principals’ Association of New Zealand Annual Conference in2011. This was the second time that we had the privilege of Neil addressing us. He also delivered an address to the staff of Sancta Maria College and Sancta Maria Catholic Primary School in Auckland.
Neil is an inspirational presenter with a clear passion and understanding of the significance of Values Education and how it relates to Quality Teaching and therefore positive outcomes for teaching staff and young people. He is able to link Values to Key Competencies and enables listeners to reflect on how Values can be incorporated naturally into the school curriculum. It is about the quality of the people in the institution.
In today’s world where too often we witness examples where Values appear to be irrelevant it is vital that we model appropriate values in our schools. Neil Hawkes will inspire you and your staff to do this and to suggest some tools for you to reflect on.
I recommend him to you all.”

Paul Daley
Sancta Maria College
09 2744081 Ext 204

May 03

Red Oaks School, Swindon judged by Ofsted as Outstanding has been awarded the Values Quality Mark by Dr Neil Hawkes. Please visit the School’s website to see it’s innovative work. Congratulations to Headteacher Terri Menham and the whole of the School’s Community.

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