Apr 14

Dr Neil Hawkes has been a part of a “road show” working around Northern Territory, Australia. During the week Neil has spoken at Katherine, Tennant Creek and Alice Springs. Communities have met to welcome Neil and Andrew Fuller who is wellknown in Australia as an innovative trainer.

Apr 10

Sancta Maria College, New Zealand, was awarded the Quality Mark as a Values-based School by Dr Neil Hawkes last Friday afternoon. Paul Daley,the Principal was delighted that his College has been considered an excellent example of a values-based college. Students had accompanied Dr Hawkes whilst he conducted an audit of the school. He visited lessons and talked with students and staff. Dr Hawkes told the staff that the College is an outstanding example of what can be achieved when there is consistency of good practice across a whole school.

Apr 09

Dr Hawkes spent yesterday morning at Auckland University’s Leadership Centre. He was talking with Educators about how Values-based Education created the climate for learning that supports the holistic development of students and raises educational achievement. His seminar was enthusiastically received. He outlined how Values-based Leadership is the key ingredient to creating schools of excellence.

Apr 06

Dr Neil Hawkes returned to New Zealand this week as the guest of the Secondary Principals’ organization SPANZ. Neil introduced the Principals to his thinking on Values-based Leadership which is creating a great deal of interest and attention throughout the world.

Apr 06

Dr Neil Hawkes spent last week working with Tasmania’s School Principals who are embracing the principles and practices of Values-based Education. Neil worked in Hobart for two days in a workshop environment. He also worked with the whole staff of Woodbridge School. He was also delighted to visit Bruni Island School.

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