Mar 26

Dr. Neil Hawkes received an outstanding reception by the Principals of Victoria’s Catholic Diocese at Lorne in Australia. He showed how Values-based Leadership is the key to successful leadership in the 21st Century. His presentation was applauded as showing the vital ingredients for a successful post-modern society. Dr. Hawkes philosophy and practical ideas are being seen as the essence of quality education.

Mar 19

Dr Neil Hawkes is beginning his latest tour to Australia and New Zealand. This is Neil sixth recent tour, where there has been a great deal of thinking about how we can enable students to develop holistically so that they can have meaning and purpose in their lives; how schools can help them sense and shape their future for the benefit of themselves and society. The world is facing great challenges and Neil will be outlining his current thinking about Values-baased Leadership. He will suggest that the world is desperate for a shift towards a new educational paradigm that is fit for purpose for the needs of the 21st century. He will be addressing school Principals in the State of Victoria at their conference at Lorne on Wednesday.

Mar 15

Dr Neil Hawkes spent last week in Iceland where he was the guest of Valgerdur Knnutsdottir. Neil had been invited to address a conference of 750 Icelandic Headteachers and teachers; take part in an Early Years Conference and run workshops for teachers and non-teaching staff. He also audited two schools and was delighted to award them the Quality Mark in Values-based Education. Neil said, “The two schools, Leikskolinn Alfaheidi and Leikskolinn Alfatun are outstanding examples of Living Values Schools.” Neil hopes to return to Iceland to further develop the work. One Icelandic teacher remarked to Neil, ” We wouldn’t have had the banking crises in Iceland or the UK if more people had worked from the basis of positive human values, such as honesty and respect.”

Mar 03

The London Borough of Sutton Deputy Heads gave Dr Neil Hawkes an incredible welcome at their annual Conference in Portsmouth. “Their enthusiasm was contageous,” said Neil. Neil talked about Leadership in the context of a values-based school. The Deputies said that they hoped that Neil would be invited to talk at their Headteachers’ Conference so that all can experience the empowering message.

Mar 03

Dr Neil Hawkes conducted a day’s audit of Maybury Infant School in Woking, UK and found it to be an oustanding example of a Values-based School. He told the Headteacher, Emma Smart, that the school’s staff were excellent models for the school’s values. He congratulated the school on being awarded the Quality Mark for its outstanding work. He hoped that other schools in the Woking area would see what the school is achieving. For example, staff/pupil relationships are realaxed and positive and the children are able to articulate the meaning of the values words. The school community is so very supportive of the school and appreciate its achivements.

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