Feb 28

Neil spoke today at Southfields Primary Scool, Luton,UK. He talked to parents and members of the community about developing a values-based approach to life. The school’s community is enthusiastically embracing the values philosophy.

Feb 15

For the next few days Dr Hawkes is taking time out of his busy busy schedule, to reflect on the strategic direction that values-basedEd
Education should take.He has received so many accounts of the positive effects that the work is having world-wide. Question: How do we embed learning about how positive human values empower the Individual and society in all schools? Please send Dr Hawkes your ideas at Values-Education.com

Feb 09

Yesterday Dr Neil Hawkes conducted a seminar at the Ishmalia School in Nottingham. He had been invited by Dr Musharraf Hussain al-Azhari OBE. Neil talked with the staff of this Muslim School and shared thinking on Values-based Education. He has agreed to work with the school to support their development and said he felt very privileged to do so.

Feb 09

Neil Balliston,Head of Ashby Fields School, Daventry, parents, governors and staff welcomed Dr. Hawkes on Monday for further training to expand and deepen their work as a Values-based School. The school is an outstanding example of a values-based School and shows tremendous leadership to other schools in the area.

Feb 09

Congratulations to Dashwood Primary School, Banbury on gaining the Quality Mark in Values-based Education. Dr Hawkes recognised the outstanding qulaity of teaching which has transformed this school over recent years. It is hoped that the school will be a model for local schools of a values school during coming months.

Feb 04

Dr. Neil Hawkes spent the last two days working with the headteachers of 52 schools in the Vale of Glamorgan, Wales. The headteachers wish to embrace the philosophy of valuing in their schools as a means of furthering the cureent excellent development of their schools . Senior Officers in the Authority understand that Values-based education has the potential to raise academic standards, by empowering pupils to take responsibility for their own behaviour, by understanding the ethical vocabulary that Dr. Hawkes promotes. The evidence from research and the experience of schools demonstrates the power of learning about, and living, positive human values, which create a school culture that promotes equality and personal excellence. Dr. Hawkes is hoping to be called to a meeting with the UK’s Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove, to explain why the UK Government should embrace Values-based Education. What do you think?

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