Jan 27

Headteachers from the London Borough of Redbridge worked today with Dr Hawkes. This was a seminar organised by the National Education Trust’s Director, Roy Blatchford HMI. It was part of a series considering what makes outstanding schools. Dr Hawkes considered the whole notion of a values-based Philosophy to Education as a means of achieveing excellence. He introduced the group to his latest work on the elements that make an outstanding leader. The session was enthusiastically received by the Headteachers. Dr Hawkes would like to hear from Headteachers who are interested in working with him on leadership and aspects of what he has termed The Inner Curriculum. Contact Neil at Neil.Hawkes@btinternet or through www.values-education.com

Jan 26

Bladon, C of E Primary School in Oxfordshire, UK, has gained the Quality Mark as a Values-based School. Dr. Neil Hawkes visited the school today and was delighted to see how the school has underpined the whole of its curriculum with a values philosophy. He interviewed parents, staff and pupils, who all enthusiastically told him about the positive effects that Values Education has made to the school – more thoughtful behaviour, etc. Dr.Hawkes observed lessons and congratulated staff on their positive relationshuips with the children and the quality of their learning environment. Congratulations to the school and its community for all that is being achieved in Bladon, known for where Sir Winston Churchill was laid to rest in the local churchyard.

Jan 23

A top British Public School, Wellington College, is embracing Values-based Education as an integral part of its innovative 21st Century curriculum. Dr. Neil Hawkes has spent time at the College giving advice on ways to promote the philosophy for the benefit of students and staff. This is a very exciting and significant development.

Jan 18

Please go to the link below to hear Neil and Jane’s interview with Jack a pupil at Hornbill School in Brunie. You can access it through this link: http://www.radiowaves.co.uk/story/203822/title/

Jan 09

Dr. Neil Hawkes worked with the staff of Hornbill School, Brunei on aspects of Values-based Education. He was supported by Jane Cross who introduced aspects of what we are calling The Inner Curriculum. The following day the school was assessed to see if it met the criteria to be awarded the Quality Mark as a Values-based School. The evidence showed that Hornbill Schoolo is an outstanding Values-based School. Its Headteacher, Kathy Wood, MBE, and her colleagues may be justly proud of their school. I am so pleased to award the school the Quality Mark. In my view the way that the school has integrated values into its curriculum is a model for other schools. Ofsted judged the school outstanding too!.

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