Nov 25

Red Oaks Primary School in Swindon is judged outstanding by Ofsted. It underpins it’s work with Values Education. Dr Neil Hawkes spent the day in the school. In the morning the school hosted a seminar organised by the National Education Trust, at which Neil spoke about values at the school. In the afternoon Neil worked with the teaching staff to deepen their understanding of values- based Education.

Nov 20

Holywell School, Bedfordshire, UK spent the day yesterday exploring Values-based Education with Neil Hawkes. The school had used it’s training day to bring all teaching and non teaching staff together to listen and work with Neil. The staff enthusiastically embraced the philosophy and practice. It was a fun day!

Nov 16

Dr Neil Hawkes gave a keynote at the National Association for Primary Education’s (NAPE) Conference at West Kidlington School, Oxford yesterday. An enthusiatic audience embraced Dr Hawkes’ philosophy of Valuing. Neil was moved to be spreaking at the School where he was Headteacher and was thrilled to see the school still underpining its work with Values Education.
Later Neil was a part of the Oxford Debate at Oxford Brookes University where he shared the platform with the Bishop of Buckingham and Pam Mattey, Head of Handsworth Primary School in Birmingham. The audience debated issues to do with the notion of freedom in Education. Neil argued that we should think about the values that should drive educational developments in the UK. This debate has not happened, hence we continue to have piece-meal policies that are not founded on an agreed set of values for sustainable development. Neil also pointed out how policies continue to bolster an unequal society as highlighted in the book, “The Spirit Level”. Government take note! What do you think?

Nov 12

On Monday morning Neil will return to West Kidlington School near Oxford, where he was Headteacher, to address the National Association of Primary Education (NAPE) Conference. He will be arguing that we need a new basis for thinking about transition issues in schools and between schools. He believes that a values-based philosophy is the way to give all in the community a common vocabulary that will support the children throughout their school life. Such a common vocabulary has the power to create a culture that can transend institutions.

Nov 11

Dr Neil Hawkes will be speaking at the Oxford Debate organised by the National Education Trust, on Monday at Oxford Brookes University. He will be arguing that English culture is not taking account of the needs of all children in our society. Also that we are not addressing inequality which spawns our social unrest and unhappiness as a nation! Neil will argue that the education system needs to embrace his philosophy of Valuing. Do you agree?

Nov 09

Dr Neil Hawkes gave a keynote to ESHA, the European School Headteachers’ Association, in Cyprus. He talked about the philosophy and practice of Valuing. Professor Andy Hargreaves, who listened, said that the talk was inspirational. Neil is being invited to address. Heads in Norway, Finland, Ireland and Sweden. The Quiet Revolution is spreading across the globe bringing help and support to teachers and students.

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