Sep 28

Dear Neil,
It has been a year ago since you delivered the most inspiring, motivating INSET day for my staff on values education, and I am thrilled to say we are now into our 2nd year of our values based curriculum. It has changed the school beyond recognition. I am so proud of what we, as a team, have achieved, as were OFSTED when they visited us last November!
Being my first headship I was a little apprehensive on how to introduce values to my school, but I feel so passionately that our children will need these skills in whatever future their paths may lead them. The curriculum may be uncertain but values life skills are a must and I am so thrilled that my staff are on this journey with me.
Many thanks and my best wishes
Emma Smart
Maybury School

Sep 26

Hello Dr.Hawkes,
You recently visited our school at Town Church Primary Aberdare, Gill Cheverton head teacher. I have taken on board quite a few of your ideas e.g. using the vocabulary, having a value for the week, I also have a chart where the children, if it is recognised that they display a particular value, place a picture on their own chart with the idea of becoming the values champion of the week. I have also adopted ” take a minute” and for a sceptic I have to admit I find it an amazing tool to use with the children who are becoming very good at it! Many thanks. Barbara Davies

Sep 21

Dr Hawkes reports that he had an outstanding visit to Darwin Middle school where he was invited to observe lessons and talk with students and staff. Neil said, “This is an excellent example of a new school that is embracing research led intitiatives to improve student well being and academic results. This is a school that is values-based, energetic and fully committed to all aspects of school improvement.”

Sep 20

Dr Neil Hawkes is today visiting Darwin Middle School. Neil is looking forward to meeting the Principal, staff and students…

Sep 18

“This was the best In-service training I’ve had in twenty years”, said Margie Johnson after her experience of the Values training in Darwin led by Dr Neil Hawkes. Neil’s work is attracting attention throughout the world as the basis for quality education. He gives lots of practical suggestions how parents and teachers can support children so that they live their lives from a positive values base. His approach is supported by Principals and teachers throughout Australia as an effective method for enabling students to take greater positive control of their lives.

Sep 15

Neil Hawkes is currently working with Principals, teachers, parents and governors in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia. He is the guest speaker at the COGSO Conference in Darwin’s Sky City. This is Neil’s 5th values tour to Australia.

Sep 04

This week saw the staff of Sandhills Primary School in Oxford and Aberdare Church Town Primary School in Wales, enthusiastically embrace the principles and practices of Values-based Education. Dr Neil Hawkes was assisted at Sandhills by Simon Poote an experienced Foundation Stage Teacher, from Mill Lane School, Chinnor, Oxfordshire. Simon’s work exemplifies best practice as a values-based teacher.

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