Jun 29

The Group met today with Dr Neil Hawkes. The focus was taking values into the community. The Group is representative of Bedfordshire Headteachers who are adopting Values-based Education as their educational philosophy and practice. These schools are gaining the recognition, not only of their local communities, but the inspection service Ofsted. The group feels that the new Government should be aware of and endorse their work. Watch this space!

Jun 27

Dr Neil Hawkes attended a meeting at Oxford University on Saturday, where Will Hutton spoke about fairness being an indispensible value of capitalism. He said that in recent years the concept of fairness has been ignored eg profit being a company’s purpose rather than what it is doing; hence greed in the banking sector causing us so many financial difficulties. We need a value system that is again based on fairness. Dr Hawkes believes that fairness should underpin all organisations. He hopes the new UK Government will be mindful of this if it is to gain the support of all sectors of society.

Jun 27

The Trustees of the Values Education Trust met at Exeter College, University of Oxford on Saturday. This was a very enthusiatic meeting that focussed on many issues including an international conference which the Trust will arrange for next June/July.

Jun 25

Congratulation to Wahingborough School in Lincolnshire for being awarded the Quality Mark as a Values-based School. Dr Neil Hawkes visited the school today and was delighted with the quality of relationships and work at the school. Washingborough is the first school in Lincolnshire to be awarded this recognition for its outstanding work in Values Education.

Jun 22

Oatlands and St James Schools in Surrey, Uk, were the hosts for a Values Trust Seminar on Monday 21st. Both schools had been awarded the Values Education Quality Mark. Headteachers from the UK came to visit the schools and were inspired with the quality of work and the excellent relationships. The schools are part of the Bridge Partnership of schools that work together as values-based schools. They have undertaken outstanding projects in taking values to the community. Please visit the schools websites for further information.

Jun 07

The whole staff attended a training day in Values-based Education at St Andrew’s Primary School in Northampton, Uk with Neil Hawkes. The Headteacher, Debbie Cushing, said that she wanted her school to be the best Values-based School in the UK! A fantastic commitment from the Head to the empowering philosophy that is being embraced by increasing numbers of schools in the UK and worldwide. Values-based Education is the most cost effective methodology in the wortld, as it raises standards and forms caring citizens. Governments throughout the world have wasted millions of £ and $ and have not achieved expected results. Perhaps with the “credit crunch” there will be an acceptance that high standards are really achieved through values-based education and not by wasting huge amounts of public money on inappropriate testing.

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