Mar 22

Hello Neil

Many thanks for yesterday . . it was a great day and so lovely to see you. All my teachers and the visiting Headteachers found your talk in the evening to be inspirational and so interesting. The staffroom has just been buzzing with discussion about it. The children have been so excited to hear that we achieved the International Values Education Trust’s Quality Mark as a Values-based School.

Sue Butcher

Mar 19

Spending the day tomorrow at Beenham School in West Berkshire to conduct a values audit. Excellent website that promotes the schools innovative curriculum. After school I am talking to local Headteachers about Values-based Education VbE.

Mar 10

Visiting Sandylands Primary School, Morecombe tomorrow for a Values Quality audit. See their website. Wow! :)

Mar 02

Dr Neil Hawkes accompanied Richard Barrett and Phil Clothier of the Barrett Values Centre to Dubai in the UAE. The Barrett Values Centre had conducted a national survey of the UAE values and had amazing results. It found that the UAE has one of the smallest percentages of cultural entropy of any country in the world. In practice this means that the people perceive that there is synergy between what the people think are their personal values and the values of the country. This trip was about next steps to enable the country to make its next steps to be values-driven. Neil’s role was to give a presentation to educational leaders about Values-based Education (VbE) and to suggest a strategy of implementation. neil said, “This was an outstanding trip and I am honoured to have been chosen to be a part of this important work. The leadership of the UAE has a very clear vision and I am sure that it will turn into a reality. I also think that what the UAE has begun could have a significant impact for peace in the Middle East.”

Jan 31

This week Neil has been in herefordshire UK. He had a great time conducting an audit at Eardisley Primary School. He was delighted to award the school with the IVET Quality Mark as a Values-based School. Bridget Knight the Headteacher is an outstanding leader of the school and models the positive values in all her work. Neil also gave a training at Madley School for the staff. The Headteacher and staff of Clehonger School attended too. Neil and Jane Cross looked at the fundamentals that make a great values school. On Tuesday evening Neil addressed the Town Council at Ledbury. Neil and Julie Rees, Headteacher of Ledbury, are challenging the Council to be the first values-based Town Council in the UK. The message of positive values was well received an d Julie’s pupils are following up the meeting with letters to councillors. Watch this space!!!!!

Jan 18

I just wanted to say how inspiring our INSET was today at Eversley Primary School! I really enjoyed listening to you, your ideas and stories. I love your passion for children and I completely support how value based education can help our children flourish! So thank you. I am a learning mentor at the school and know how this can support the children I work with to feel valued themselves.

Thank you again, Hope to see you back in our school soon.


Jan 10

Dear Neil

Many thanks to you, we all found the day extremely inspiring and you have certainly re-energised us!

We have just received our Cultural Diversity Quality Standard report today and it includes a positive paragraph on our Values. We will certainly continue to develop and embed the Values-based education.

Kind regards


Mrs Caroline Skingsley
Goldington Green Lower School
Tel 01234 326335
Fax 01234 358 708

Jan 07

It certainly was a Happy New Year today when Neil began the new UK term by presenting a Values education training Day at Goldington School in Bedford. Staff from four schools attended the training which enabled colleagues to understand the philosophy and practice of Values-based Education. An enthusiastic audience wowed Valued Education and Neil came away delighted with the enthusiasm he had fund at the school.

Dec 12

Skovde in Sweden and Helmond in Holland want to be the first values-based city in Europe. Neil is coaching both cities. Which will be first? He has also heard that Swindon in Wiltshire is showing an interest in being the UK’s first values-based town. Can you encourage other cities and towns?

Dec 12

Neil Spoke on Monday evening to a packed hall of parents who had a fun evening considering the values that they would want their children to develop at home and in the school. The teaching and non-teaching staff have spent a day’s training with Neil. Susan Webb the Headteacher is introducing Values-based Education in a very consistent and thorough way. A model of excellent practice which Neil hopes other schools in the area will follow.

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